How Can Divorce Mediation Save Money?

Divorce Mediation Can Save You Money

Individuals who have experienced a divorce or who are presently dealing with a divorce understand first-hand the difficulties of the experience. The thought of divorce brings about powerful emotional baggage in many individuals. Feelings of disaster, regret, and anxiety arise. Along with the agony of the broken marital relationship, now you must also handle the financial tension of splitting up.

Many of the preconceived notions we have about divorce centers on the few cases that go to trial. The reality is that litigating a divorce can be outrageously expensive, but not many cases of divorce will ever make it to trial. Mediation is a favorable alternative to litigation. It is often a one-day event that requires a clear negotiation strategy – and that is where an attorney may be of help to you.

Working with an Austin Attorney as Your Divorce Mediator

Since the court does not have the time or means to thoroughly understand the ins and outs of your family, they encourage exclusive negotiations. The court may order you to proceed to mediation, co-parenting classes, or another proceeding before your case may move forward to trial. Quite a few individuals have accepted this particular direction toward exclusive negotiations. They choose attorneys as their mediators to help them negotiate a settlement with no court participation. By selecting this route, you can decrease the costs of your divorce as well as decide for yourself on the most suitable desires of your family.

Divorce mediation continues to be utilized as an effective alternative to litigation in several areas of law including family law. It’s understandable that during a divorce, emotions are running high and being seated face to face to solve your marriage issues is probably not a pleasurable thought. However, a mediator can supply you with a safe atmosphere to freely speak about your problems and help you work in the direction of a communal arrangement. Challenges such as child custody may benefit even more from your readiness to mediate; because your children are special and judgments made by you can take into account their specific necessities.

Cost-Effective Settlement Negotiations

Collaborative law provides another cost-effective substitute for litigation. In collaborative law, settlement negotiations are an on-going process and always includes legal counsel for both parties. This usually occurs when both sides have agreed not to involve the court.

The fee for collaborative law is higher than divorce mediation, but it may be significantly less expensive when compared to litigating your divorce. Using collaborative law may be interesting simply because each side may benefit from an attorney’s presentation while eliminating the risk and cost of litigation.

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